What our customers are saying

What an incredible experience. The single most fun thing to do in Melbourne. Andrew is lovely and listening to Jimmy Barnes and Thunder Road with the wind blowing through your hair was totally exhilarating

A fantastic experience on Andrews Trike. A two hour tour of Melbourne then down the cost road. I would recommend this unique experience to anyone…. no matter what age. A happy customer..

Thanks so much Andrew. Yes, Mark had an absolute ball. A great experience with you today touring our beautiful coast seen in a whole new light. No wonder you love your job 🙂

Thank you so much Andrew for the best afternoon & many wonderful memories Tim & I will treasure & share with friends & family always. That Stretch Trike is awesome! Get onto it people 👍😊 you’ll enrich yr life. 25th Jan 2022

Janine Madsen - Thank you so much, my client couldn't stop smiling, it has been the best thing to happen to him in a very long time, aside from St Kilda thrashing the Tigers yesterday. You were so lovely with him and made it a really special experience. Wishing you all the very best in your new business, you deserve to do well.

What a great experience , we had a fantastic ride around St Kilda, nice and comfy , highly recommend , will do again for sure , maybe longer ride thks guys you made our day cheers linda / Charlie

Knowing Andrew and his passion and enthusiasm to succeed, he will offer you a great experience and won’t let you down